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The Ready Stance


Saturday, September 27
Midpoint Music Festival 2014, Cincinnati
A special early show just before OK-GO on the Festival’s only FREE & ALL AGES Stage
6:00 PM on P&G MIDWAY
(click here for Festival Guide)

The Ready Stance, Indie Rock

Three of Cincinnati’s most familiar musical faces (guitarist Wes Pence and drummer Eric Moreton from Middlemarch, bassist Randy Cheek from Ass Ponys/Libertines/Fairmount Girlsx and a relative unknown (guitarist Chase Johnston, veteran of several Athens, GA bands) combined to create The Ready Stance, an Indie Rock juggernaut with seemingly limitless appeal and talent to burn. The quartet’s debut album, 2012’s Damndest, was a marvel of their muscular yet subtle Pop/Rock sensibilities, but its as-yet-untitled sophomore album, currently in process, could be the booster rocket that elevates them to a (much deserved) higher orbit. — The Ready Stance makes the songs that the whole world should want to sing, and they’ll make you glad that you’re sharing time and space with one of Cincinnati’s truly great bands.
You’ll Dig, if you Dig: The Kinks reincarnated as an Indie Rock sensation, mentored by Phil Spector reincarnated as Mitch Easter.


Saturday, November 15
Rock N Aspire Benefit for Multiple Sclerosis
A great event for a great cause.


8/2/14- Opening for Cracker at Weberfest 2014

8/2/14- The Ready Stance- Opening for Cracker at Weberfest 2014






Live at MOTR, Cincinnati, Ohio, 5 May, 2014- Nikki Murray-Photos



Recording April 2014, Newport KY
photos Terry Eaton

photos Terry Eaton




The debut album, available on Vinyl, CD, MP3
Visit Store Tab, Above
The Ready Stance, Damndest (front cover)

“This year’s proof that rock & roll is not dead” -Daily Kos (Dec 26, 2012)

“Packed with reflective lyrics and subtle, introspective arrangements, this record

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is a masterful work of honest, gimmicks-free rock & roll from the heart of it all.”

- Jennifer Farmer, The Agit Reader (Aug 4, 2012)

“The sound of the wheat-land Midwest transmogrified into working class, clean rock n’ roll….Fans of Life’s Rich Pageant R.E.M. and The Long Ryders, take note.” – Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover (Oct 10, 2012)

This is great, great rock and roll, told with honesty, energy and skill. It’s really friggin’ good”
- Marc Phillips, The Vinyl Anachronist (Feb 4, 2012)
The Ready Stance- August 2014
The Ready Stance 2014
New album in the works. Stay tuned.

Daily Kos, Vinyl Anchronist, Perfect Sound Forever, and CityBeat for including Damndest on their “Best of 2012″ lists.
Nick Hill at the fine Seeing Other People site for naming our Bunbury performance
“Best by a Local Artist”.


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